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When you book me as a speaker on an assignment, you automatically get a copywriter included in the price. Because I can not help it. It is not the case that I interfere unnecessarily, but often text changes are necessary to achieve good results.

My bid is that I act as a copywriter in every third speaking session, where the client participates in the study virtually or physically. I like to provide the extra service, because the credibility evaporates if there is no control over "his and his", and personally I am not interested in voting for grammatical nonsense. 

For the past 15 years I have worked as a copywriter in Danish and English alongside my job as a speaker. Also in all the years I was a radio and TV host. Therefore, I can not help but interfere if someone has written some nonsense, or if the message may shine through more clearly. Often it is very small adjustments that make the pieces fall into place. 

Customers are often very optimistic. Especially when it comes to the number of seconds vs. the right mood in the spot and number of words. So here it's cool to be able to chop a heel and cut a toe along the way without it costing extra or delaying the whole process. 

Remember that next time you need a female speaker in Danish or English. I'm throwing a free copywriter on top of my hat!

And if you "just" need a copywriter, I cost 795, - per hour or a more agreed amount for larger projects.

Best, Christina

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