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New site up and running – Yihaaaa!

I’m scratching the back of my neck right now. Because how have I been able to run my business for 14 years without a REAL site?!

Yes, I’ve had a website called from the start, but it’s been totally homemade and without SEO, security and visibility. So it must be due to word of mouth and speaks, which are always right in the closet

But now something had to happen! So I’ve spent the summer with some of the wildest people in the web, and together we’re putting my fine speak shop (even more) on the map. Or the world map, of course! I’ve got to teach myself to be have a big mouth

Boom! Now I’m ON AIR and ready to be found on the world wide web – and the voice…. it’s as well lubricated as ever. So just write or call, I’m most likely in the studio anyway.

🙂 Christina Bjørn

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