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Me?! Vocal trainer in Hollywood?

I have entered into the wildest collaboration. Hands down and huge pat on the back!

Ej, hånden på hjertet, jeg er faktisk vildt stolt over, at de har ringet fra Hollywood og spurgt, om jeg vil være en del af et agency, som træner kommende skuespillere i at være bedre til at gå til castings, og som ønsker at supplere deres skuespillerkarriere med voice over acting og dubbing

Not many people think about how important the voice is in a “sales situation”, as it really is when you are at an audition or casting. You have to sell your uniqueness and your voice is VERY important, even crucial to how you perform, burn and are remembered.

We are currently in the start-up phase and trying to figure out how to put together an online programme so that I can sit in tiny Virum and coach and fine-tune future stars – hopefully!

– The fact that for me it almost takes place at night is not so glamorous, but what the heck! You can’t have it all…

But now it’s official – if you hear Viola Davis … Charlize Theron … or Meryl streep, or maybe Bradley Cooper say anything with a hint of Danish in it, you know where it’s coming from …

Love Christina Bjørn  

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