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Municipalities are apparently my thing

My portfolio is broad. Really broad. But a pattern is emerging, I think…

I am 36 years old and I guess I have a voice range of 12-55 years. But if I’m honest, I’m being booked more and more often to sound like a woman plus minus my own age. Once in a while it still sticks out quite a bit when I’m doing a commercial for Barbie dolls, model wax or voicing an app or game for kids, but there’s longer between snaps. Until the other day, when one of the country’s largest municipalities approached me to play a young teenager who had been the victim of cyber-blackmail. It went well. The client was happy. I was happy. Everyone was happy. And that meant I could lead municipal authority number three on the list of collaborators, which now includes Copenhagen, Odense and Ringsted.

– Then I just need the remaining what… 95 municipalities…?

🙂 Christina Bjørn

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