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I am the proud owner of one of Denmarks busiest and most popular voices. It is a powerful tool and like a chameleon I know exactly how to let my clients become heard, noticed and – most importantly – remembered.

With 200+ annual speaking assignments and 15 years of experience as a radio host and voice over, I have been in every situation and solved it with the power of my voice. I do both Danish and English voice overs on location or in my own professional studio. Add to that my background as a copywriter and you have the full circle.

My voice is the sound of your brand.

Member of:


  • • Speedy delivery – always
  • • Own professional sound studio 
  • • VO in Danish and English
  • • Background as a copywriter, radio- and TV-host
  • • Musical with an absolute pitch
  • • Senior copywriter
  • • Ghost writer i.a. Børsen, Berlingske and TechSavvy 
  • • Translation from English to Danish
  • • Proofreading and editing
  • • Article writing (within Tech, Music, Health, Fashion, etc).

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