The right voice is worth millions!
Choosing the perfect voice that emphasises the brand is crucial. It increases revenue and provides great recognition value.
The voice is just as important as the images, because your branding will be remembered as a whole.

Whether you want a happy, exciting, empathetic, trustworthy, outgoing, sensual or
enlightening voice, look no further. It belongs to me.

My name is Christina Bjørn

My voice is the sound of your brand.

Small selection of clients


A little Oomph to your branding!

I convey your message and I know where we're headed.
With 200+ annual jobs and 14 years of experience as a voiceover and radio host, I have been in many situations and solved them with the power of my voice.
Add to that my own sound studio and background as a copywriter,
you have the full package.

Member of:

  • Speedy delivery - always
  • Own sound studio
  • VO in Danish and English
  • Background as a copywriter, radio- and TV-host
  • Musical with an absolute pitch
  • Senior copywriter
  • Ghost writer i.a. Børsen, Berlingske and TechSavvy
  • Branding and re-branding
  • Translation from English to Danish
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Article writing (within Tech, Music, Health, Fashion, Mother / Child)