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Newsletter November 2020

Do you work from home?

- So do I. The difference may be that I have been doing it for years. It is therefore not new for me to let myself be instructed via SessionLink, Zoom, ProTools, SourceConnect or manage it all myself, so come on in and let's do some cool stuff together! 

Autumn has been a busy time in home study, and although the corona has taken a proper chunk of the profits, it has also provided a little extra work. I have helped the travel industry, the public sector and the retail sector to convey Covid19 messages and still do.

In addition, the autumn has offered assignments for e.g. TDC Business, Novo Nordisk Fonden, AOF, Just Eat, University of Southern Denmark, ROOM, Memira, Pixum and Thiele.  Hear some of this here and listen to the website

Write or call me when you need a female speaker in Danish or English again!


+45 31111806

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