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In the host clothes again!

I'm a hammering social talking bear bass. And when I stay at home most of the time, I really need to be aired in real life. And I just have to promise that, I was the other day, where I hosted a very successful Casting Boot Camp in Copenhagen.

I have long gone with the idea of ​​passing on some experience to tomorrow's talents. A magic cube of everything I've learned from my decade as a radio and TV host, combined with my current life as a full-time speaker. So when my American partner, Darion Taylor, who runs Tailor Talent Reels in Los Angeles, asked if we should use the time wisely, now that he was still a smut in Denmark, it made good sense to screw a boot camp together, which brings together the best of his and my world.

Together with the actress and film director Julie Ølgaard, we got a hammering relevant Boot Camp together for actors who want to be sharper at nailing the important castings. And why is it so important… ?! Well, in short, if you can not perform for a casting, then the ballet stops just like that. No call back, no job. The casting itself is the final destination for many aspiring talents, so it had to be changed.

And I have to promise, we used the boot camp's six hours sensibly. We tore them through the whole mill, and out on the other side came a bunch of very well-armed and confident “campers”, who very soon start getting more call backs. Otherwise you must call me Kurt!

My part, of course, was to make them aware of the potential of their voices, stuff them with tricks and tricks, and throw them into deep water with voice over, character acting, narration, and advertising speech.

We are currently planning more Casting Boot Camps in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Online, and if the Corona does not stretch too much legs for us, we will announce new dates very soon!

Kh Christina

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